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young blood - a jason brody fanmix

i’m a monster. i can feel the anger inside me.

01. run this town - jay z ft. rihanna vs bach 02. the phoenix - fall out boy 03. beast - nico vega 04. me and the devil - soap&skin 05. pumped up kicks (vaski remix) - foster the people 06. kill of the night - gin wigmore 07. you are not a robot - hoodie allen ft. marina and the diamonds 08. monster (camo & krooked remix) - professor green ft. example


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Episode 01


Today…is a sad day.

I promised you internet peoples that I wouldn’t kill anyone yesterday. And I kept my promise. But unfortunately…it seems one of my men doesn’t take the day of Jesus’s birth seriously enough and he, uh, he killed one of our hostages.

[He shakes his head, pinching the bridge of his nose.] 

As you can imagine, I had to teach him a lesson. [He beckons the cameraman follow him into his camp. He talks as he walks, turning to the camera every so often.] Come see, come see.

I was still in the spirit of giving, you know? I was happy…Santa brought me some nice things. So I didn’t kill this pendejo. [He brings them to the pig pen, over which hangs the limp body of one of Vaas’s pirates, strung up by one ankle. He is gagged with his own red bandanna, muffling the sounds of agony. Vaas points up at him.]

That’s Claude, right there. [To the swinging body.] Claude! Have you learned your lesson?

[Claude swings by the rope, mumbling ‘yes’ over and over. Vaas just looks disappointed.]

My papa used to say “spare the rod, spoil the child.” And I take that lesson with me into my life. These men…they are like my little children. Innocent and helpless to the ways of the world. [He shakes his head.] I’m doing him a favor.

[He calls up to Claude.] This hurts me more than it hurts you, hermano!

[He turns back to the camera and waves with a smile.] Adios for now, internet amigos.

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The Far Cry Experience - Episode 4

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The Far Cry Experience - Hygiene

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FANCAST far cry 3

Gary Oldman as Hoyt Volker
Michael Fassbender as Buck Hughes

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FANCAST far cry 3

Amber Heard as Daisy Lee
Lyndsy Fonseca as Liza Snow
Chord Overstreet as Oliver Carswell
Henry Cavill as Keith Ramsay

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